Guarantor Loan in Sydney

One of the easiest and simplest ways for you to get a home loan with a low-interest rate is through a guarantor. A guarantor also helps you take a home loan with low or no deposit. You can take a loan for up to 100-110% of the purchase value of the home and can move into a property sooner, without the time needed to raise a deposit.

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What is a No-Deposit Guarantor Home Loan?

If you are a first-time buyer looking to purchase a house of your own, the first hurdle you face is the deposit money. For any kind of home loan, you need two basic things:
● Steady income and a good credit history
● Deposit money (usually 20% of the loan amount)
First-time home buyers often struggle with the deposit money. The time taken to collect or raise the deposit money can set back your plans to buy a house by several months or even years. And even then, there is the possibility of an increased price of the property by the time you raise the deposit money.
You also end up wasting money on the rent, which is a zero-return investment, unlike a self-owned home taken on a mortgage. The interest rate on the home loan taken with deposit money with no guarantor is comparatively high. This is why no-deposit guarantor home loans have become popular.

Benefits of a No-Deposit Guarantor Home Loan

The easy solution to all these problems or challenges is a guarantor-backed home loan. Here are the several benefits of a taking guarantor home loan with zero-deposit money:
● Low-interest loan rate
● Get home loans up to 110% of the value of the house
● Faster approval rate as the lender accepts the guarantor’s home loan equity at par with your deposit.
● Low or zero deposit, depending on the home loan equity committed by your guarantor.
● You avoid LMI or lender mortgage insurance and save thousands of dollars.
● Remove your guarantor from the loan once you build up equity in the property or pay off the loan.

Guarantor Loan Sydney
Guarantor Home Loan with No Deposit

How to Get a Guarantor Home Loan with No Deposit?

It is not easy to get a guarantor home loan with zero deposit. The reasons are not difficult to understand. A loan that is up to 100% value of the asset or house poses a huge risk for the lender. More so when there is also no mortgage insurance to pay for the losses, if the borrower defaults.
The good news is that with a credible guarantor, good credit history, repayment capacity, and the advice of a well-connected loan broker, you can obtain a guarantor home loan with a lower or zero deposit. Below is the list of the guarantor loan requirements and the eligibility criteria:
● Your yearly income (guarantor’s income may be added in some cases)
● Guarantor’s age
● Credit history (self and guarantor)
● Capital equity or value of guarantor’s property
● First or second mortgage on guarantor’s property

Guarantor Home Loan Calculator – Loan Amount You Can Apply for With a Guarantor

A common question most borrowers have is how much you can borrow with a guarantor loan. There is a difference between two borrowers based on their repayment capacity and the capital equity of their guarantor. There is also a difference between different lenders and the amount they are willing to lend.
In general, this is how much you can borrow:
● If you are an investor, you can borrow up to 105% of the purchase value of the property.
● If you are refinancing, you can borrow up to 100% of the purchase value of the property.
● If you are purchasing a house and also want to consolidate your existing debt, you can borrow up to 110% of the purchase value of the property.
● If you are constructing, you can borrow up to 105% of the land value and the cost of construction of the property.
Please note that the percentage amount varies. It is best to get the opinion and advice of an expert home loan broker with Local Finance Guru, before applying.

Guarantor Eligibility – Who can be a Guarantor of your Home Loan?

While there are many types of guarantors, if you are a first-time home buyer, then the best and ideal guarantor for you will be your parent or a family member. While parents are easily approved as guarantors, in the case of a sibling, grandparent, or another close relative, the lenders review the application on a case-to-case basis.
There are also various types of guarantees that the guarantor can offer, such as:

Servicing and security:

If you have a lower income and want to buy your first house, your parent’s property and their income can be used as a security guarantee for your loan. However, for servicing guarantee, you can only use the spousal, and not your parents’ guarantee.

Security or property guarantee (self):

The borrower can use the property that they own as a guarantee for the loan that they are taking. You can use this option if you do not have the deposit for